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bentonville va
11/9/2009 6:53 AM
" Hello I just want to say that my mother-in law was a Townsel befor she got married they're from arkansas and her greatgrandmother was named Betty Townsel from Arkansas I wonder are you all related you can find me on my space "

Ivory Maxwell-Hedger
Pensacola, Florida
7/21/2009 8:44 PM
" Ivory Lee Baker Maxwell passed away at the age of 84. She went to be with the lord and other beloved family members on Monday July 20, 2009 with several of her family members by her side. She is going to be missed dearly and no one can replace her. Nana we love you and miss you already. Angel "

Ashley Townsel
miami, fl
5/10/2009 7:39 AM
" Hey family this is Ashley Townsel daughter of Micheal Townsel who is the son of Robert(Bobby)Townsel who is the son of Bernice Townsel (nono) I love this website so much!! Luv Yall "

Desmond Pope (Townsel)
Kansas City, MO
4/10/2009 11:06 AM
" I am the son of Archie Townsel, who is the son of Monroe Townsel, brother of Mary Townsel (Berry)and Betty Lee Townsel Kincy. (Hey, Auntie!) Looking for family and information on family. I have three brothers and two sisters, Audra Townsel, Natalie Pope (Townsel), Artis Pope (Townsel), Adam Townsel, Antoine Moore (Townsel).

11532 Holmes Rd Apt 101
Kansas City MO 64131

708-704-1322 "

Norman Jr. 
Columbia, Ky.
" They just showed Derrick's name on ESPN !!!!! "

Dinorah Perry
Pembroke Pines, Florida
" I love your web site. Well done!!! I hope and pray that we find Debra or find out what really happened to her. With God all things are possible.

Dinorah "

Shemeka McSwain
Miramar, Florida
" It is of great pleasure to visit this site. With much admiration for my personal friend, AL Townsel, I would like to say, I consider myself as extended family. Al is a man of high respect whom I am most honored to be associated with. AL, thank you for embracing your sunshine upon my life. Forever Friends.... Shermeka "

Jannice Boyd al-Mansur
Atlanta, Ga
" Hi Gene,

It was great to run across this page.  I haven't see any of the Townsel Family since the Reunion in 2001 in OH.  My husband came across it.  I will make sure to send the link on to the rest of my family.  I am sure that they will be as pleased to see this as I was.  Great Job on the site.  

Love, Jannice

Blossoming Rose
Miramar, Fl.
" Just browsing to see what other families are doing. Your web site gave me some ideas for my family.

Keep Up The Great Work! Hotep "

Naye Townsel
Fairfield, Ohio
" Hey Son, I'll be at that game, wouldn'y miss it for the world. Karen said she'll get your game film to Coker. The canes need help. "

Lisa Bronowicz
Santa Fe, New Mexico
" This is a fabulous site! How amazing to see everything here... congratulations to the person(s) who put this together. I loved seeing the photos of Casey's surprise birthday party. I've been a friend of her daughter Rose for 30 years now. Congratulations and happy birthday to Casey. You look much more like only 70, not 80! Lisa

Duane Young
Dayton, OH
" This is great.  I hope it will have everyones contact info on it soon.  Would love to keep in touch with more people in the family. "

Norman Jr. 
Columbia, Ky.
" Uncle Al, Mark, Nate & Derrick, Bobby, Roy...the Buckeyes looked good in defeat against Texas.  If they'd started that brother, we'd be in the Natl. title hunt.  As it is, we're probably going to play a Florida team in one of the bowls (after we beat Michigan).  Anybody want to make a bet, call me in December.

270-384-0488 "

Sandra Barcous
Jacksonville, Florida
" I really love the website. This is an excellent job.
God Bless my family the Townsels "

Jacquelyn Bryan
" Gene, this is the best web-site I've ever seen. I'm going to share it with my Principal. "

Rose Parker
Bridgeport, Ct.
" Gene - The Family Website is great! I'll continue to visit the site as it progresses!!